Crazy Weather

On Friday we had some severe weather(as did most of the country). I have never experienced anything quite like it. Sirens wailed all day alerting us to seek cover. Although I never actually saw a tornado that day it was kind of freaky. It was so weird how not 5 minutes after the warning was lifted it was sunny and beautiful, we even took Pumpkin for a walk later on that evening and everything was fine only a couple of downed limbs and a lot of water was displaced. I managed to snap a few pics.

View from my office window, it was actually much darker than this pic conveys.
As you can see the street lights were still on(this was at about 9:00 am)
This weekend was kind of low key! We had date night Friday and went out for sushi(yum) and Saturday we ran in the morning and then went to a local fish fry with Kristin and Dan(I know not diet friendly, however Saturday is the cheat day, and I have lost about 13 lbs so far, so I deserve it). We also went to Tupelo to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Sallee Anne’s wedding! Sunday was a relaxing day around the house! I am trying to get my relaxing in because in the next 6 weeks I have a lot going on!! I am looking forward to this short week at work and for a nice weekend away at the Arnold’s with Mike and Pumpkin 🙂
Stay southern,


On the way home for lunch yesterday Mike spotted something odd in a yard while we were stopped at a stop sign. It appeared to be a muskrat. After I got back to work I looked them up and apparently they are creatures of the night and like to be around water. Well this one was eating on the side of the road at noon sitting next to a storm drain. I think it there was something wrong with it.

*Side Note: As you may or may not know, I am a huge music person(I almost always have it playing if I am alone and or while I am cooking, cleaning and just plain living). Since I have been here I feel as if  I haven’t found any really good music that I just want to play over and over again(thats the tell-tell sign that I think a song is awesome). The last song that I obsessed over like that was If I Die Young by The Band Perry. You can ask Mike about the amount of times he had to hear that song haha. However a few weeks ago I finally opened my ears to Adele’s Rolling In The Deep and I’m obsessed. Idk why I didn’t like this song earlier as I love Adele and have her debut album(which is phenomenal). So I highly recommend this one! Rolling In the Deep- Adele

Stay southern,

Super Bulldog Weekend Part 2 and Fishing

I love all things college football but I love nothing more than tailgating. There is nothing like getting up and heading out 7 hours before the game to just stand around and talk to people and eat delicious food. Oh and did I mention that its okay to drink outside in public? I am not a huge beer person but there is nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day! I know I am way too into this 🙂 The weather was beautiful here in Starkville on Saturday. It was about  85 degrees and it made me think to myself is this really April? What am I in for this summer? Anyway, we had a wonderful time with some friends and enjoyed a nice day outside. The Maroon and White game was fun, but I missed the whole actual game day experience as there is usually a lot more going on. Side note: yes I did try my first crawfish. They were actually pretty tasty however I don’t really care for eating things with the heads still attached. 

Sunday was a very eventful day. We ran outside for the first time and it went pretty well! Mike and I were both surprised at how much we actually enjoyed it. I am actually looking forward to my next run! We also went fishing at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge where we had quite the adventure, but not before it took like an hour to get a fishing license. When we got out on the boat and went to bait our hooks we realized that we left the bait in the car back in Starkville. Then one of us(not naming names) hooked a tree and then accidentally knocked the rod in the water, but then we were glad that the rod was attached to the tree so we could save it! After a day of fishing with out even one bite we decided to call it done but then it took us about 50 tries to back the trailer down the ramp, as we are both new to pulling a trailer. After all this we were exhausted! Oh did I mention that I am sun burnt, like pretty badly? But we had a great time and that’s what counts! I would definitely do it again. Here are a few pictures of the refuge and our day on the water.

Stay southern,

It’s Raining Turtles!?

Yesterday morning was one of those times when you say to yourself is this for real? I woke up as per usual around 7:30 and took Pumpkin outside. Our back ‘yard,’ if you can call it that, is a pad of dirt and a patio with a tall wooden fence as in we cannot see anything back there except the trees above our heads. As she is exploring I hear some rustling in the tree above but I just assume that it is a squirrel as they are quite active in that tree. I was mistaken as I look to my left and see a divot in the ground and turtle laying next to it. This kind of weirded me out so I went and got Mike and we came to the conclusion that the turtle fell from the tree as it was not damaged or hurt as if it maybe was dropped by a predator. Although I had no idea that turtles could climb trees. I know that there is probably another explanation as to how it got up there, but I’ll never know. Pumpkin of course had a great time barking and carrying on at the poor thing. She even dug in the dirt so much that she tracked the mud in and ended up having a surprise bath. She was less than happy about that! Mike looked it up and identified it as a box turtle. He put it outside the fence but I said that if it came back that we should just keep it as a pet back there! Its name will be Tortuga. There have been no more sightings.

Pumpkin and her muddy paws awaiting a bath

Stay southern,

Super Bulldog Weekend!

So yesterday marked the 1st day of Super Bulldog Weekend here on campus. Although I have never experienced this I have been looking forward to it since the last home football game in November. The festivities for Thursday included a movie night at the stadium. One of the things I am most impressed with here at MSU, besides the beautiful and immaculately kept campus, is the huge jumbotron at the stadium. So when it was advertised that there was going to be a free movie screening I knew I was going to make it a point to go! I wasn’t disappointed. I am still amazed and the quality of the picture and the sheer size of that thing. I wonder what we need to do to get one of those at Williams Brice? Anyway, we had a great time with 3 other couples and enjoyed a perfect family friendly movie.

Stay southern,


Last night after a long boring day at work we set out on foot to map out a route as we are going to move our C25K outside. I am a little nervous about this because we have been doing so well while running on the indoor track. However, I do not think that it is financially responsible to pay to run when I have God’s green earth for me to explore for free! So we have found a good route right outside our front door that we will attempt soon(as in Friday). I hope to prove myself wrong and embrace running outdoors.

On a side note Mike, Pumpkin and I had a picnic this past weekend at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge. I had never been there before so I was excited to see it. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. I am just glad that we didn’t see any of the huge alligators that live there as Pumpkin would have probably freaked(and I would have too)!

As I should probably note in case some of you do not already know this. Pumpkin is my 6 1/2 year old dog-child that I adopted when she was just 8 weeks old. I will probably post many pictures of her as she is one of the loves of my life!

Stay southern,

Inaugural Post

So I have finally decided to bite the bullet and blog about my new adventure. Starting March 1st, 2011 I have embarked on a new healthy lifestyle. I am not calling this a diet per say because I feel like it is more a lifestyle change. This is no quick fix, but a change that I will be making for good and for the better. I decided to start keeping a food log and counting my calories along with starting the Couch to 5K program. My boyfriend(bless him) is doing this with me and is my greatest supporter! We have both made a healthy change in our lives and we are both embracing our new outlook on life! So far I am down 11 lbs and I am currently on week 7 of Couch to 5K(which means I can run, well more like jog slowly for 25 min straight)! I am hoping this blog will serve as a creative outlet for me and also a way to keep in touch with my friends and family that I do not see as often as I would like. I am also hoping that it holds me accountable. So here it is, my journey and my new life! I hope you will come along for the ride 🙂

Stay southern,