It’s Raining Turtles!?

Yesterday morning was one of those times when you say to yourself is this for real? I woke up as per usual around 7:30 and took Pumpkin outside. Our back ‘yard,’ if you can call it that, is a pad of dirt and a patio with a tall wooden fence as in we cannot see anything back there except the trees above our heads. As she is exploring I hear some rustling in the tree above but I just assume that it is a squirrel as they are quite active in that tree. I was mistaken as I look to my left and see a divot in the ground and turtle laying next to it. This kind of weirded me out so I went and got Mike and we came to the conclusion that the turtle fell from the tree as it was not damaged or hurt as if it maybe was dropped by a predator. Although I had no idea that turtles could climb trees. I know that there is probably another explanation as to how it got up there, but I’ll never know. Pumpkin of course had a great time barking and carrying on at the poor thing. She even dug in the dirt so much that she tracked the mud in and ended up having a surprise bath. She was less than happy about that! Mike looked it up and identified it as a box turtle. He put it outside the fence but I said that if it came back that we should just keep it as a pet back there! Its name will be Tortuga. There have been no more sightings.

Pumpkin and her muddy paws awaiting a bath

Stay southern,

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