Home Sweet Home

Last weekend I returned to the great state of South Carolina for Sallee Anne’s bachelorette party. There were eight of us girls and we all headed down to Myrtle Beach for a weekend of fun in the sun! Unfortunately, one of the days was rainy and cold but we made up for it with a shopping day! Actually the entire weekend was a break from the heat we have already started to experience here with temps above 85 almost everyday. I ended up having a blast and got to hang out with some good friends and see some of my family. I cannot wait to return for the wedding in a couple of months 🙂

The group on our night out
Being silly

Amanda P., Sallee Anne and I
Me before we went out

The song I am listening to actually turned out to be a kind of theme song for the trip. Its fun and light hearted and fit with the vibe of this particular group! Enjoy! Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

Mike and I are headed to Walt Disney World next week and I am so excited I think my head will explode! Stay tuned for cute pictures(hopefully)!

Stay southern,

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