Easter 2012

Flower arrangements with candy and peeps!

For Easter we traveled to Peachtree City to spend the weekend with the Arnold’s. We had a great time eating delicious food and decorating for the party prior to the Andrew’s ladies coming over! The decorations this year were top notch as we got very creative and made flower arrangements with tulips and candy! The Egg game and appetizer contest were fun as they always are! We ended the trip with a delicious brunch in the courtyard!

Easter brunch!

The next couple of weeks are going to be intense! Mike has a very exciting/stressful week this week then next weekend is Super Bulldog Weekend/Cotton District Arts Festival which we are very excited about!! Keep your fingers crossed for us 😉 Right now I am listening to John Mayer(of course because he is my favorite)! He has not put out any new music in a couple of years but he is releasing a new record next month and I am super excited! The first single released is called Shadow Days and it has some truly relatable lyrics. I hope our shadow days are  almost over and we can have the new start we have been longing for!

Stay southern,

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