New Hobby?!?

So I mentioned in my last post about my stress level and it being sky high right now. However I may have found a new hobby to help keep me busy and to be an outlet for my stress and creativity. A while back(like 1.5 years ago) when I moved here I brought down two little tables that were given to me. I wanted them to use as nightstands for our bed since we have such a low platform bed and these were little tables I thought why not. Well they serve their purpose well however they were unfinished wood. I have always wanted to paint them black to match our bed but I kept putting it off and saying to myself that I will do it when we are moved and settled(thinking that was right around the corner). Well I decided a couple of weeks ago that I need to stop waiting to live my life and just do it now. So as cheesy as this sounds the tables are what I decided to begin with! I figured it would be an easy enough start. I read all kinds of diy and home improvement blogs and they made it sound so easy. And you wanna know what? It was. If you know me at all then you know I am kind of prissy. I do not like getting dirty, sweaty or doing anything that could remotely ruin my clothing. However being outside sitting on the ground(gasp) sanding and painting(with paint on my clothes and body) I was totally not thinking about anything but the task at hand. I forgot about all my problems and just did what I set out to do. I turned something ordinary into something that I liked all in an afternoon! These tables aren’t anything special but they changed my mood and that makes them special to me 🙂 I also started another project that day which is not finished yet but I am excited to show you how it turns out! Here are some before and after pics(which I need to work on my technique for future projects). There is a learning curve to diy-ing and for blogging about it! I will learn though!

Before. Natural wood. I should have taken this at a different angle!
During. After a good sanding and 2 coats of Kilz primer(btw if you are using Kilz
spray primer work in a WELL VENTILATED area, yes I am speaking from experience)!

After. Finally dry and cured. I could have staged this better as well.
However I am so happy with the end result. Like I said these tables were nothing special
but now when I walk into my bedroom and everything matches like
I wanted for a long time I smile to myself!

I am so happy I did this(and the other project) that day. This may become a new hobby for me. I recently purchased a wood coffee table from Craigslist for $10, what a steal and I plan to paint it to match our home/style a little more. It’s funny what a little paint and a little elbow grease can do. The beauty of paint is that I can change it almost as quickly as I can change my mind 🙂

Stay southern,

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