Weekend Update

This weekend was not as eventful as I would have hoped but we were both down with a virus at the end of last week so we used the time for a little R&R.

Saturday we watched the South Carolina v. Mississippi State game. Tensions were high and someone wasn’t happy with the outcome but at the end of the day we’re always on the same team so that’s all that matters(at least that’s what I kept telling the husband).
Sunday we had brunch at Restaurant Tyler where Mike ordered this crazy plate of chicken and waffles. The chicken was so crispy and the waffle so fluffy! Total diet killer!! But a must try.

We finished up Sunday by catching up on some HIMYM and snuggling with our favorite girl after her bath! 

After a restful weekend I am not looking forward to going back to work but I am looking forward to not feeling like death while I am there this week! Also, the countdown to Thanksgiving is on! Only three more full weeks and we’ll be having turkey with family! I love this time of year, so much anticipation and excitement! 
Stay southern,

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