January Book Club Pick: The Husband’s Secret

For the book club this month we are actually reading one of my own picks for 2014! I have just finished reading this book over the weekend and I wanted to share my thoughts about it. I picked this book solely from reading synopses and from it being rated so highly on Goodreads. The book is a sort of puzzle as you have to try to put all of the pieces together as there are essentially three different stories being told at once and at the beginning I will say it is kind of hard to keep up with it all. As you read you will start to connect the dots and feel like you are catching up to how these stories actually relate to each other. 
The book centers around Cecilia Fitzpatrick: mother of three girls, overachieving Tupperware saleswoman and wife to a mysterious husband. Now granted, she doesn’t think he’s mysterious per say until she finds a letter addressed to her in the event of his untimely death. She is torn about what to do with the letter; to read or not to read. Cecilia eventually reads and the story unfolds with the aftermath of the secret contained within. The other stories told are all about how Cecilia and the letter connects to them!
The book is a bit slow in the beginning as she finds the letter first thing but holds off on reading it until about half way through. However my eyes were glued to the book after she discovered what the letter entailed and the twists just kept coming. I really enjoyed the book, however I thought that one of the three characters that was featured could be omitted completely. The story really didn’t connect to her at all, although the author did mention her at the end connecting more, but I feel like her whole storyline was completely useless. Not to say I didn’t like her story, but it wasn’t imperative for the ‘real’ story the author was trying to tell. 
So as for my recommendation I would say that I enjoyed this book and would suggest it to friends who like chick-lit mixed with a little mystery! It was a quick and easy read that I cannot wait to discuss with the club!

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