Valentine’s Day Table Decor

Who says you need to head out on the town to have a fabulous meal with your love? Not me! As you know by now if you have been out on Valentine’s night that EVERYONE goes out to dinner for Vday. It’s like a thing. Restaurants are packed and servers are overworked and it can be too much! I am a fan of the stay in and cook something special evening and that’s what we have planned for tomorrow night! If you are hesitant about staying in as you fear that the ambiance of a restaurant is important then I am here to save the day with some inspiration pictures of table decor. The great thing about staying in is that you can tailor everything to your taste and style! Enjoy Vday with your love or even your friends and family! It’s a great day to show love to everyone!

Have fun making your table all about you and your personal style!

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