DIY Desk Nameplate with Silhouette Cameo

As you can probably guess I have a day job. No I do not get to sit around all day dreaming about what to blog about unfortunately! I do have however a nice little office abode at work that I enjoy very much. Over the last 3.5 years I have tried to make my office a little more comfortable by hanging art, adding a lamp and now with a new nameplate I made. Now no this is not one of those fancy wood engraved nameplates your boss gives you when you achieve something fantastic. This is a nameplate that I whipped up with stuff I already had at home. I started with a 4×6 in white canvas and turned it into a maroon and white happy for my desk. I will say I have received the most compliments and comments about it than anything else in my office! I love getting compliments on things when people have no idea that I made it myself. That in itself is a compliment to me. You can totally style these up more but for my job in academia I wanted mine to be pretty vanilla!
What you’ll need:
  • Canvas(I bought mine for $2.50 for a pk of two at Michael’s on sale)
  • Craft paint and brush
  • Vinyl cutter or stencil
How to make
  1. Use your vinyl cutter to cut your name or whatever you’d like. Remove the holes from the letters.
  2. Transfer your vinyl name with transfer paper and add it to the canvas. Make sure you spend a while scraping the vinyl down when you transfer it to the canvas.
  3. paint over the entire canvas(I used maroon/white as they are the school colors here)
  4. Let dry at least one hour and paint a second coat.
  5. Let dry overnight
  6. Peel off sticker and viola you have your name on a colorful canvas! 
Are you feeling crafty yet?

Valentine’s Day Table Decor

Who says you need to head out on the town to have a fabulous meal with your love? Not me! As you know by now if you have been out on Valentine’s night that EVERYONE goes out to dinner for Vday. It’s like a thing. Restaurants are packed and servers are overworked and it can be too much! I am a fan of the stay in and cook something special evening and that’s what we have planned for tomorrow night! If you are hesitant about staying in as you fear that the ambiance of a restaurant is important then I am here to save the day with some inspiration pictures of table decor. The great thing about staying in is that you can tailor everything to your taste and style! Enjoy Vday with your love or even your friends and family! It’s a great day to show love to everyone!

Have fun making your table all about you and your personal style!

Mirrored Subway Tiles

For the longest time I have been obsessed with subway tile and the crisp clean lines that it gives a room. From bathrooms to kitchens and laundry rooms, subway tile can give a nice clean base for decoration. As I was perusing Pinterest the other day I came across mirrored subway tiles. My mouth dropped opened and after I picked my jaw up off the desk I decided to a bit more scoping into mirrored tiles. There are SO many different designs to choose from your typical reflective mirror to more of a hurricane glass look then you can choose flat or beveled edges. As I plan for my future home I now have even more things to think and dream about…thanks Pinterest! Here are some inspiration pics!

Sure I think it’s a design risk but hey what isn’t? I can just imagine the great reflection from great pendant lighting hung in front of it!

Winter Decor

Just because you took down those trees and that beautiful garland doesn’t mean you need to not re-decorate. I am talking about gorgeous Winter decorations that have nothing to do with ornaments or Christmas lights. Think snow!! When I think of snow and Winter, I think of white and raw. What does that mean? Raw as in sticks and pine cones because that’s what you see all over the ground in Winter. Here in the south, instead of tons of snow, we see another white substance, Cotton! I am a huge fan of using cotton as decor. I love to see it incorporated all over the home this time of year! I have selected a few examples of Winter decor that I love and decided to share them with you! I hope this inspires you do get a little creative and fight off those Christmas blues!

Stay tuned this week as I plan to share a little of our Christmas trip! 

Christmas Wreaths

At Christmastime, or any time of year for that matter, a front door decoration is a great way to show your personality. Think about it, the first time someone shows up on your doorstep you have an opportunity to show them your style without even inviting them in. Personally, I think front door decoration is a must and it should change with every holiday and occasion. Since it is Christmas I am sharing some wreath inspiration pics that I have found that would look amazing on your front door and would welcome any friend or family member to your home!

Christmas Tree Decor Inspiration

Today I wanted to share some Christmas tree decor inspiration pics. I love looking at pictures of holiday decor on the web and getting ideas for my home. There are tons of ideas for trees out there and I have included everything from whimsical to more traditional. I tend to stay on the traditional side with decorating however these make me want to try something a bit more funky! I hope these ideas spur something creative in you when it comes to decorating your tree this year!

Now I want to go switch up some of my decorations!!
Stay southern,

DIY Letter Christmas Tree Topper

It seems to be that I can never find the perfect tree topper to my liking. Now I may just be picky or frugal as all of the ones I actually do like are out of my price range. Last year I was into burlap so I tied a big burlap bow on top of the tree with 6′ ribbon that was fun and different. But I am now over burlap so I wanted something a little different. I had seen some inspiration pictures on Pinterest of monogrammed tree toppers that I really responded to. I happened to have a large letter A that had just been lying around for about a year just waiting to be crafted! Here is what I came up with!

You’ll need:
  • A blank cardboard, chipboard, MDF or wooden letter
  • Craft Paint in the color of your choice
  • Paint brushes(I used foam and threw it away after)
  • Craft Bond Extra Strong glue stick
  • Glitter in the color of your choice
1.Start by spreading newspaper on your work surface to protect it.
2. Next paint your letter. I did two coats, letting it dry for a few hours in between.
3. After your paint is completely dry, draw your circles(or whatever shape) with your glue stick, really making sure that you have a lot of glue on your surface to hold the glitter.
4. Sprinkle glitter all over the spots where you applied the glue while making sure that you completely cover the glue. Shake off excess glitter and cover bare spots.

5. Affix topper to the apex of your tree. I used 20lb. test fishing line that my husband provided me with!

I really enjoyed DIY’ing my tree topper this year! I have gotten so many compliments so far. It is far from perfect but It looks so much better in person! My circles are a little less than round but even though the perfectionist in me is screaming I really love it!