DIY Desk Nameplate with Silhouette Cameo

As you can probably guess I have a day job. No I do not get to sit around all day dreaming about what to blog about unfortunately! I do have however a nice little office abode at work that I enjoy very much. Over the last 3.5 years I have tried to make my office a little more comfortable by hanging art, adding a lamp and now with a new nameplate I made. Now no this is not one of those fancy wood engraved nameplates your boss gives you when you achieve something fantastic. This is a nameplate that I whipped up with stuff I already had at home. I started with a 4×6 in white canvas and turned it into a maroon and white happy for my desk. I will say I have received the most compliments and comments about it than anything else in my office! I love getting compliments on things when people have no idea that I made it myself. That in itself is a compliment to me. You can totally style these up more but for my job in academia I wanted mine to be pretty vanilla!
What you’ll need:
  • Canvas(I bought mine for $2.50 for a pk of two at Michael’s on sale)
  • Craft paint and brush
  • Vinyl cutter or stencil
How to make
  1. Use your vinyl cutter to cut your name or whatever you’d like. Remove the holes from the letters.
  2. Transfer your vinyl name with transfer paper and add it to the canvas. Make sure you spend a while scraping the vinyl down when you transfer it to the canvas.
  3. paint over the entire canvas(I used maroon/white as they are the school colors here)
  4. Let dry at least one hour and paint a second coat.
  5. Let dry overnight
  6. Peel off sticker and viola you have your name on a colorful canvas! 
Are you feeling crafty yet?

2013 Pumpkin Decorating

With tomorrow being Halloween, I wanted to share with you the Arnold family pumpkins this year! I moved to Mississippi in October 2010 and one of the first things Mike and I did was carve a pumpkin(well he did more of the carving), so we have made it a point to try to do this every year! This year however, I wanted to try something a little different. I had been seeing painted pumpkins all over Pinterest and other blogs so I was thinking why not give something new a try this year! We purchased these pumpkins on our little outing last week that I wrote about here. I decided that I wanted to utilize my Silhouette Cameo that my MIL gifted me after the wedding! We wanted to each have a pumpkin for our favorite team and then one that was more unifying to the two of us. I was bad about taking pics as we went along so I will explain it in easy steps:
  1. Before you begin, cover your surface with newspaper or some kind of barrier between your table/floor/ground. We painted at the kitchen table so we covered it with newspaper. We used acrylic craft paint sold at any store that has a hobby section. 
  2. Paint each pumpkin with a base coat. Choose a color that you want your shape to be once you peel off your stencil(The MsState Pumpkin was pre-painted white). It may take several coats especially if you’re using a light color. Let dry one our between coats. Dry completely overnight
  3. Cut out stencil using vinyl and stick to pumpkin. Being careful and mindful of the paint
  4. Paint over the stencil and the entire pumpkin covering the entire under coat of paint(may take more than one coat) and let dry overnight.
  5. Peel away vinyl and reveal under color! At this point you can decide if you would like to add some dimension to your design(like above with the SC pumpkin, I traced around the edge with black to make it pop more). Finally, admire your beautiful pumpkin!

I will say that we did not paint The Arnold’s pumpkin. That is in fact just a vinyl sticker I cut and then adhered to the pumpkin. I love the simplicity and ease of that one!

We had a lot of fun decorating the pumpkins this year! Our dog, named Pumpkin, even got in on the action…
This is about 30 tries into it ha!
She’s a Ham!!
Pumpkin doing her Meerkat impression for a treat!
And you may ask how we got Pumpkin to pose and there is a good explanation for that it requires tons of patience and lots of treats! Look below I caught her as mid trick(roll over) to get said treats, the entire time I just wanted her to sit still. 
Pumpkin got her name for my love of fall and I wanted a constant reminder of my favorite time of year!

No Sew Monogram Pillow Update

This weekend I decided to get a little crafty and try to see how hard it would be to cut fabric with my Silhouette Cameo. So first, I did a little Googling on the subject, watched this video and read on a few forums about how the fabric would need to be interfaced before cutting it to make it stiffer and easier to cut. I read that Heat’n Bond was the best product to use so that’s what I went with.The bonding agent I bought was awesome as first you interface the fabric and then all you need to do is peel off the back layer and it becomes an iron on bond to another piece of fabric. It is a little more expensive than regular interfacing but since I wanted to iron on and no-sew this project it was actually cheaper, and done all in one step! 
For my first fabric project I decided that I wanted to monogram the throw pillows on our bed! We have had these pillows for about 18 months and I was ready for an update because I hear chevron print is on it’s way out! I first decided how large I wanted my monograms. I chose 8×8 inches as my pillows are 16×16 and I wanted to have a good size monogram but not too huge where it dwarfed the pillow. I wanted a circle monogram so I used the font I purchase from FontBros. After that I just cut my fabric and ironed it well and cut the correct size of the Heat’n Bond to adhere to it. Next I was ready to load it into my machine to be cut. It really was as easy as setting the Silhouette to the settings the software recommended and hitting cut! Out comes a perfect fabric monogram in about 60 seconds! Finally all you need to do is pick out the inner parts of the letters and then iron them onto your pillow case!! 
I am so excited to use this machine to cut fabric! I now have tons of ideas flowing through my head for the holidays and beyond! I am glad it was so easy and that it didn’t tear up the blade. I will say that there is a fabric blade for the Cameo that is recommended but I had a thin cotton fabric and there was no issue for the machine to cut it at all.
I have now cut paper, vinyl and fabric with my cameo. It really is an amazing tool and I think I have only scratched the surface of all that it can do! Stay tuned for more crafty ideas!
Stay southern,