Favorite Winter Recipes

I find myself home again for another ‘snow day’ although I see none of the white stuff and I do not think I will this year! I am enjoying the two days off to break up a long winter week here in February! Here in Mississippi temperatures start to increase after February so I am getting antsy for Spring. If it’s going to be cold though I love to have a hot meal for dinner to fill me up and keep me warm! Here are some of my personal favorite winter weather recipes that are super easy and hearty! Click on a picture below to be linked to the recipe! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday! I hope everyone survived the Polar Vortex this week!! The weather here in Mississippi is so wild! We had a low of 9 F on Tuesday and a high of 60 F tomorrow!! Bring on Spring! I lover winter from afar and I am happy that others experience it however I could totally do without it. If I want to see snow or experience frigid temps I will travel for it! I am now sure that my closet is not equipped to handle a real winter! Here are some funny images that made me smile this week!

I hope you have an awesome weekend full of fun and warmth!
I plan to enjoy the warm weather and take a couple of walks as my first goal of 
100 miles is fastly approaching!!

Winter Decor

Just because you took down those trees and that beautiful garland doesn’t mean you need to not re-decorate. I am talking about gorgeous Winter decorations that have nothing to do with ornaments or Christmas lights. Think snow!! When I think of snow and Winter, I think of white and raw. What does that mean? Raw as in sticks and pine cones because that’s what you see all over the ground in Winter. Here in the south, instead of tons of snow, we see another white substance, Cotton! I am a huge fan of using cotton as decor. I love to see it incorporated all over the home this time of year! I have selected a few examples of Winter decor that I love and decided to share them with you! I hope this inspires you do get a little creative and fight off those Christmas blues!

Stay tuned this week as I plan to share a little of our Christmas trip!