Friday Funnies

We finally made it to Friday! This has been the longest four day work week of my life! The cold weather is back in Mississippi making it dreadful to even go from home to the car for me. I know I am whining! I digress and am here with some new funnies for the week! 
I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Stay warm and do something fun! 
I am planning to curl up on the couch and read while drinking hot chocolate. 
I do plan to venture out to finally go see what all of the hype is about with Frozen! 

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday Y’all! We made it to the end of the week and if you’re lucky like me then this is a THREE DAY WEEKEND! As you can see it’s exciting! Here are some funny images that made me laugh this week!

I hope you enjoy this weekend. We are supposed to have somewhat 
pleasant weather for January so I am looking forward to it!

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday! I hope everyone survived the Polar Vortex this week!! The weather here in Mississippi is so wild! We had a low of 9 F on Tuesday and a high of 60 F tomorrow!! Bring on Spring! I lover winter from afar and I am happy that others experience it however I could totally do without it. If I want to see snow or experience frigid temps I will travel for it! I am now sure that my closet is not equipped to handle a real winter! Here are some funny images that made me smile this week!

I hope you have an awesome weekend full of fun and warmth!
I plan to enjoy the warm weather and take a couple of walks as my first goal of 
100 miles is fastly approaching!!

Friday Funnies

I am officially on Christmas Break(as of yesterday at 5pm)!! Woo Hoo! With the next couple of weeks of there is no telling what I may get into! Anyway, here are the funnies this week!

That last one is pretty tongue n’ cheek but I died laughing when I saw it! 

I am taking next week off to spend with friends and family! 
I hope y’all have the merriest of Christmases!!

Football Themed Friday Funnies

Since this weekend is the last week of college football I wanted to share with you some funny
 images related to football that made me lol.

How the Minnesota Golden Gophers distracted Wisconsin’s field goal kicker!

I hope you enjoy this football weekend and if you braved going shopping today you found good deals!
Stay southern,