Spring Break

We have been back for a couple of weeks from our trip but we have been so busy I almost forgot to blog about our Florida adventure! We headed to Peachtree City to drop off our precious Pumpkin with the Arnold’s and with it being her first solo trip there I was nervous. I had no reason to be as she ended up sleeping in the bed with them and loving every minute. She is so spoiled! We headed to Orlando to meet up with Mary and Annie. The first night we just hung out at the resort and relaxed. Our plan for the next day was to head to Universal Studios. The weather forecast was supposed to be about 73 F with a 20% chance of rain. However when we arrived at City Walk it began raining and did not stop for the entire time we were there. We had a great time but ponchos were a must. After a day of riding everything without much wait we decided to head in from the rain. Mike and Tyler headed to HOB for a concert and the girls had a much needed girls night in! The next day we woke up early and headed to Islands of Adventure and arrived when it opened at 8 am. We hustled straight back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I was amazed. We all could not believe how awesome it was! We rode the new ride in the castle and it was incredible. Every little detail was thought of and I couldn’t get enough. Visiting there was my favorite part of the trip by far!! The next day we visited Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. I love visiting Disney so much but this was the worst day we spent in Florida. There were so many people everywhere and things just weren’t going our way with timing and such! Our last day in O-Town we went to Downtown Disney and ate at The Earl of Sandwich(a fav of ours) and did some outlet shopping where I got some summer duds and my sweet boyfriend bought me a cute hat I had been eyeing. the next day we headed up to Jacksonville before heading back to Peachtree City to see our little girl and hang out with the Arnold’s. It was a great trip but it went by way too quickly!! I hope to take another trip down there soon but never again during spring break!!

Rainy Day at Universal Studios
Hogwarts Castle
Hollywood Studios
EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival Display
Enjoying a cake pop at Downtown Disney
St. Patrick’s Day at the Arnold’s

Stay southern,

Winter Vacation

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Wow I am behind…here is is almost February and I have yet to blog about my holiday trip. Oh well I have been busy and life is getting crazier by the minute! As you can see on the map above we had quite the journey over the holiday season. It was about 3200 miles and a lot of fun. We spent time with friends and family and it was just good to get out of here for a while. I have been recovering from this journey for a few weeks lol.

On another note, the new year has come and gone and I am back on the healthy train(although I really never got off). I maintained my weight loss over the holidays(YAY). And I am well on my way to making my January fitness goal I set for myself which entails going to the gym 20 times this month. Which I should surpass! The scale has not budged even though I have eaten like a bird for the most part. I have to figure this out soon before I go crazy!! I have started going to Zumba again twice a week and I am so enjoying it. If you know me then you know I love to dance so this is more fun for me than traditional workouts.

Other than that nothing is going on with me. On the other hand Mike is busier than ever. He has worked harder than I have ever seen him. He has been staying up late finishing his thesis and getting ready for his defense which is scheduled for Feb 3! I am so proud of him already and cannot wait for all of this to be over so he can have this off of his chest.
I am going to try to blog more especially because I think this year is going to be important. Hopefully we will move and start a new chapter of our lives together what I believe will be the most important one yet!

Happiest time of the year!

Wow where has 2011 gone? There are only a little over two weeks left in this year and I cannot believe how time has flown! This past year has been a great journey for me and I do not plan to stop. I know 2012 will hold a lot of new things for Mike and I but I am going to relish in 2011 for as long as I can. I have proven to myself things that I never thought I could and it feels great! I have gotten closer to friends and family even though they are far away and I have made some really awesome new friends as well! The experiences I have had this year(no matter how small or trivial they may seem) will not be quickly forgotten! I have had a blast and plan to keep it up the next couple of weeks as we end this year! Christmas is right around the corner and I have a lot in store for end of the year! As I end one year and begin another I plan to keep in mind just how grateful I am of all of the blessings I have; a wonderful healthy family that loves and supports me, incredible friends that never cease to amaze me and an awe-inspiring boyfriend who keeps me sane and incredibly happy! As for next year I have a few goals and I know with a little perseverance I will be able to do just about whatever I put my mind to!

Me with my love

Stay southern,

Beginning of the End…

 Wow it has been two months since I have blogged.This is ridiculous!! The year has flown by and October is almost over. Anyway, a lot has been going on and the last couple have months have been a blast. I will let the pics do the talking…

Weekend after Labor day Mike and I went to Auburn for the Mississippi State game.
We were entertained by the Andrew’s and we had a wonderful time and cannot wait to return!

White out game…Sept 15 LSU
Trip to Oxford…William Faulkner’s home
Taylor Grocery aka The South’s best Catfish(It really was)

Black out game…Sept. 24 LA Tech
My birthday at Dave’s Darkhorse!
Surprise last min Disney trip!!

I missed the greenhouses! Yay for Tropics 🙂

South Carolina Gamecocks came to town!!
Awesome sight to see!

At this time we are looking forward to Halloween and some more home football games in the next couple of weeks! Also we are running/walking our first 5k this weekend! As of last Friday I have lost 30 lbs and I have never felt better! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and we cannot wait to go home and spend time with our families and friends! 
Stay southern,

Summer Vacation

I have been really bad about updating lately. I will do my best to try to keep up with blogging better!! During the week of the 4th we left Starkville and headed to Georgia for a visit with the Arnold’s. During our time there we ate some yummy food and played games. We also headed to Alabama to have dinner with the Andrew’s. After a few days of rest in Georgia we headed north to home where we spent 6 days with family and friends catching up and making new memories. We ate at several of my favorite restaurants and got to see a lot of people that I had been missing. Mike enjoyed fishing and shooting with the guys while I enjoyed girl talk and hanging out with the girls! Since moving away, visiting home is like a party! Non-stop visiting and eating and I wouldn’t change one thing about it! The week ended with Sallee Anne’s wedding!! It was such an honor to stand up there with her closest friends and family as she said I do! Of course I couldn’t help but to shed a few tears as I realized that we were no longer those crazy teenage girls running around town making fools of ourselves but we were fully grown women who are old enough to get married and start a family! I know I sound crazy as I am almost 26 years old but most of the time I feel like I am playing adult rather than actually being one. That was one of those moments when you realize that part of your life is no more. But I didn’t cry because of sadness but because of happiness and the notion that our lives are forever changed but it’s a good thing! Growing up is bittersweet but I never been happier than I am now and that shows me that I am headed down the right path! As we embark on these (hopefully) last few months in Mississippi I want to try to ensure that we both get the very most we can out of this experience before we move on and start a new and exciting chapter in our lives. With that said I think this fall will be our most exciting time here in Starkville and I plan on taking full advantage of my time here!

Us with the Bride and Groom aka the Moon’s
Summer, Sallee Anne and I
Us with the Odom’s

Last weekend Mike and I attended the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, MS. Although it wasn’t the City of Brotherly Love we did experience some of that famous southern hospitality! We had done a bit of research on the fair before we went to see just exactly we were getting into but nothing could prepare us for the real thing. The fair is the towns yearly main event. According to the locals they plan all year for it and it only lasts a week! At this fairground there was a horse track, midway and over 600+ quaint and colorful cabins that families own and stay in only during the week of the fair. These cabins are coveted to all that do not own one and it is almost impossible to ever buy one because they are passed down through generations. But when one does go up for sale it comes at a price, we heard of one being sold for $130,000 and other for $500,000!! The fair is a huge deal here in Mississippi as people travel from miles around to take part in the festivities! I am glad we got to experience this as we will never see anything like it ever again! Before we headed home we stopped by the Chotaw Indian reservation casinos because we had never been there. We both allotted ourselves $10 to play and we ended up coming out ahead. Mike ended up winning $10.75 and I won $36.75  that we promptly cashed in! We ended the day with a meal at Old Venice and by watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Post Office

I had never heard of this band before a couple of weeks ago, or atleast I though I hadn’t. It was announced that The Avett Brothers were going to be performing at Bulldog Bash this year and I was like who? So I looked them up and realized that I had heard this song somewhere before. Although I still cannot remember where I heard the song I really like it and look forward to seeing them in concert in November here in Starkville! Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise – The Avett Brothers

Stay southern,

Walt Disney World

I have been meaning to do this the past couple of days but I have been recovering from one of the most fun/tiring vacations that I have been on in a long time! This will be a long post as I have a lot of photos to show! To start our journey we woke up at 3:30 AM to get ready and leave for the airport which is 2 hours away. After the drive and a minor freak out(by me) we finally arrived and boarded the tiny plane(I hate walking out on the tarmac to board). Both flights were smooth and we arrived in Orlando around lunch! Tyler picked us up and our whirlwind weekend began.We went to our resort which I highly recommend! Port Orleans French Quarter is the smallest of the Disney resorts so even though it was booked it wasn’t even crowded and the grounds were so pretty and well kept. Our room was near the river and the entire resort had just been renovated. Next we went to meet up with Laura who had picked up our tickets the week before and she even let us into the park for the day which was a surprise. So promptly we decided to cancel our dinner reservations and go play in the park for the rest of the day!! We headed to Hollywood Studios(MGM) and of course rode some favorites like Rockin’ Rollecoaster and Tower of Terror and we ate at Pizza Planet! After the park closed we headed back to the resort for some pool time in the awesome Mardi Gras themed pool. Mike’s friend Scott came to hang out and we had a great time! It was an extremely long day but I didn’t even feel tired!

Port Orleans French Quarter

The next day we had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary resort. We were out the door at 6:30 AM as our reservations were a little after 7. And all three of us were pretty excited about the Mickey waffles and of course the characters!! Breakfast was delicious and it was a perfect start to a great day at the Magic Kingdom. The park actually was not that busy and we rode pretty much everything we wanted to by noon. We were all pretty exhausted and hungry again haha so we went back to the resort where I took a much needed nap and the boys rode the boat to Downtown Disney to dine at Earl of Sandwich. After a dip in the pool we were refreshed and ready to head back to the park to ride some more and for the fireworks! This was my favorite day we spent in Florida. Everything was pretty much perfect!

Delicious breakfast

Saturday we awoke early again and headed to the cafeteria at the resort and indulged in some beignets for breakfast and then we proceeded to Epcot where we began by going to The Land where we were given a wonderful backstage tour from our old boss Les. So much had changed there and everything looked beautiful! I cannot wait to return again to see what they have added and improved. Next, we proceeded to meet up with the group for the annual drinking around the world. Everything started out great but as the day progressed it got hotter and hotter. Temperatures were record breaking and it was ridiculously hot. I spent most of the day trying to find any bit of shade I could. It was a great day with a lot of wonderful food such as fish and chips in the UK, bratwurst in Germany and Mike had some Chinese food. Later Nancy came to meet us and we had some Mexican beverages! Delish! It was wonderful seeing everyone that day. We arrived before the park opened and left after closing! Needless to say we were exhausted and were all asleep by 11!

Me with the best boss in the entire world in front of the lab I used to work in!
Beautiful new water garden in the Tropics Greenhouse at The Land

Although we were all exhausted we awoke refreshed and headed to Hollywood Studios again to culminate our trip. We rode the new Star Tours ride twice, and truth be told I enjoyed it more than I thought! We also finally made it onto Toy Story Mania!! Lunch was at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater where we ate in our own car. After one final ride on the Tower of Terror(my favorite ride in all the parks) it was time to go 😦 Back to the airport we went and headed back to Mississippi. It was a very memorable trip and I cannot wait until the next vacation but maybe next time we will plan something with a little more relaxing as we are still recovering from last weekend!

Us in our car at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater!

I need to give a special thanks to Kim and Rob for taking care of our precious Pumpkin for the weekend! And a thanks to Tyler for some of the photos!

The song that I am listening to has a great summery and beachy feel. It’s a perfect summer song and it really makes me want to go to an island and just relax! Enjoy! Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band featuring Jimmy Buffett

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing 
was started with a dream and a mouse.” – Walt Disney

Stay southern,

Home Sweet Home

Last weekend I returned to the great state of South Carolina for Sallee Anne’s bachelorette party. There were eight of us girls and we all headed down to Myrtle Beach for a weekend of fun in the sun! Unfortunately, one of the days was rainy and cold but we made up for it with a shopping day! Actually the entire weekend was a break from the heat we have already started to experience here with temps above 85 almost everyday. I ended up having a blast and got to hang out with some good friends and see some of my family. I cannot wait to return for the wedding in a couple of months 🙂

The group on our night out
Being silly

Amanda P., Sallee Anne and I
Me before we went out

The song I am listening to actually turned out to be a kind of theme song for the trip. Its fun and light hearted and fit with the vibe of this particular group! Enjoy! Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

Mike and I are headed to Walt Disney World next week and I am so excited I think my head will explode! Stay tuned for cute pictures(hopefully)!

Stay southern,